Celebration of the Day of Unity by the Department of Social Sciences

On February 16, the Decree of the President of Ukraine (No. 53 of February 14, 2022) declared the Day of Unity to strengthen the consolidation of Ukrainians, strengthen their resilience against the background of growing hybrid threats, propaganda and moral and psychological pressure on public consciousness.

The State Flag of Ukraine was hoisted at the Odessa National Medical University, as well as throughout the country, to show its unity, and at 10 am the National Anthem performed by students and teachers was played in all auditoriums and in the lobby of the Main Building.

The Department of Social Sciences also joined the event and held a round table on “Unity Day”. Head of the Department assoc. prof. Sikorska O.O. emphasised that everyone should be aware that only in unity of action can we build an economically and spiritually rich, free and democratic Ukraine, which our descendants will be proud of. That we must all join forces for the good of our country and build a European independent and prosperous state. Our strength is in uniting and supporting each other. She reminded of the military who are defending Ukrainian land from foreign occupiers and doing everything possible to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Associate Professor of the department of social sciences Mykola Kulachynsky took part in the university event and made a report on the unity of Ukraine, which briefly demonstrated an excursion into the history of the Ukrainian people and their struggle for statehood. It was pointed out that for centuries the lands of Ukraine were divided, belonged to different states, so the original dream, the most sincere desire of Ukrainians was to unite the people and unite the lands. Conciliarism is a symbol of the struggle for freedom, understanding between people and a piece of hope and faith in the future. The external and internal challenges facing Ukraine today require responsibility, confidence and concrete action from every citizen.

The head of the Department of Social Sciences, Associate Professor Olga Sikorska and teachers of the Department Olga Shanina and Olena Uvarova organized patriotic events with students. A conversation was held with domestic students of the Faculty of Dentistry on the occasion of the Day of Unity. Students actively expressed their opinions, shared their impressions of the events in which they managed to participate. They discussed objective information about the fateful events in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century, concluded that it is necessary to develop the desire to become worthy citizens of Ukraine.

During classes at the Department of Social Sciences, first-year students of the 4th faculty of the International Faculty were given the opportunity to listen to the national anthem of Ukraine and sing with the teacher.

A conversation was held with first-year students of the 2nd group of the Faculty of Dentistry on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Unity, which began with the words of the teacher: And we definitely want to live here permanently and for our country to be united. United despite anything, free and peaceful “, then all together watched an informative video entitled” Our strength is in unity “.

A patriotic conversation and a flash mob were held with first-year students of the 1st group of the Faculty of Dentistry – the teacher and students sang the anthem against the background of state symbols.

Unity Day is a very young holiday that should unite Ukrainians and show that we are one nation.