International Mother Language Day International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21. A creative event with participation of the Department of Social Sciences, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and the support of the International Faculty was held in the Center for Student Creativity,
Meeting of the Administration of the University with the Members of the Student Council of ONMedU. On February 21, there was a meeting of the administration of the university – the vice-rector for scientific and methodological work V.A.Ulyanov, the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work K. A.Talalayev with the members of the student council of ONMedU
Table Tennis Tournament A table tennis tournament took place on February 21 in ONMedU sports complex. It was attended by students from medical, dental and international faculties. As a result of a fierce competition, a student of the medical faculty Pochtarenko Kateryna, having demonstrated
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