“The whole world is a theater, and people in it are actors …”

This autumn, a fruitful collaboration of ONMedU and Odessa Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theater named after V. Vasilko began.

Since the beginning of the academic year more than 100 students who have come to study in Odessa from different corners of our country have already attended the Museum and theater performances at the expense of the Students’ Self-Government. The repertoire is diverse: “About Love … Without Words”, “The Last Summer Day “, “Love the French Way”, etc. Particular attention was drawn to the performance “Turandot”.

After visiting the museum and the performances it seems that they have breathed in some fresh air. Art is the best healer of the human soul. Visits to the theater will continue throughout October and November! Hurry up to make it!

Tickets for each student of ONMedU can be obtained free of charge from the curator of the project Tatyana Mysechko ((063) 158 40 67, (066) 884 86 54 (viber)).