Congratulations to the New Staff of the University Student Council!

On November 16, 2017, an extraordinary reporting and election conference of students’ self-government was held at the main auditorium of ONMedU, because of the pre-term abdication of the current chairman of the University’s Student Council V.Zdorikova.

According to the existing Statute on Student’s Self-Government in ONMedU, 216 delegates including the students of medical, pharmaceutical, dental and international faculties participated in the conference. The voting was attended by 176 students. By the agenda of the Conference V. Zdorikova reported on the work of the University’s Student Council during the period of her election (April-November 2017). D. Derevinsky, head of the control and revision committee, reported on the results of the audit of the financial and economic activities of the University’s Student Council during the reporting period. In general, the Conference approved the reports of the Student Council and the Control and Revision Commission for the above-mentioned period.

The next issue was the election of the chairman and staff of the university’s Student Council for the new term. Students of medical faculties of the 4th year K. Bakhnyuk and of the 6th year G. Zarovna were among the candidates for the post of the chairman of the University’s Student Council. They presented their programs of development and activities of the Student Council. According to the results of voting by secret ballot, Katerina Bakhnyuk was elected the chairman of the Student Council of ONMedU.

In the structure of the University’s Student Council, the following chairmen of commissions were elected:

– on educational work – Victoria Kircheva

– on scientific activity – Alexander Nagovitsyn

– on social work – Alexander Boev

– on sanitary-educational work – Elena Taniasiychuk

– on sports and recreation work – Marina Bagina

– on the cultural-mass work – Katerina Kulikova

– on  informational work – Artem Avakimov

– on international work – Karina Khakim

Some supplements to the existing Statute on Student’s Self-Government in ONMedU were also adopted.

The conference was attended by the rector of our university, academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, professor V.M Zaporozhan who congratulated the students on the upcoming International Student’s Day on November 17, the new staff of the University’s Student Council, and emphasized that the university administration has always supported all progressive initiatives of students, and teachers, and encouraged students to participate in projects aimed at improving the university’s life (“Improve Alma Mater together”, etc.).

We congratulate the new staff of the Student Council of the University, and wish the best of luck and hope that the program’s motto of the new head of the Student Council, K. Bakhnyuk, “Support of the existing traditions and, according to the requirements of the time, further prospective development of the University’s Student’s Self-Government” will be successfully implemented in the life of our Alma Mater and the Student Council will be able not only to multiply traditions but also grow fruitfully, enriching the student life with new colors!

Information department of the Student Council of ONMedU

photos by О.Belkina