Training course for vaccination against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine announces recruitment for a training course for vaccination against COVID-19.

Link to the platform:

Link to the Course:

The training course addresses the following issues:

° Organization of a vaccination company against COVID-19 in Ukraine
° COVID-19 vaccines: an overview
° Pre-vaccination examination and informed consent
° Organization of a vaccination session. Requirements for vaccinations in inpatient facilities and during field vaccinations.
° Vaccination with vaccine products
° Vaccine immunization and safety – global guidelines and vaccination issues
° Waste management in the context of COVID-19 vaccination
° Actions and recommendations after administration of the vaccine
° Anaphylactic reaction: diagnosis and first aid
° Pharmacovigilance of NSAIDs / vaccine side effects
° Additional information on COVID-19 vaccines. Communication.
° Keeping electronic medical records

In addition, we note that the completion of this course by applicants for higher education in the field of knowledge “22 Health Care” and interns will attract them to the vaccination company against COVID-19.

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate is provided, which is the basis for accrual of points of continuous professional development within the certification of doctors in the equivalent of 16 hours (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 22.02.2019 № 446 “Some issues of continuous professional development of doctors”)