The final qualifying examination OSCI-2 is taking place in ONMedU

From May 20 to 29, ONMedU held the final qualifying examination for 6th year medical students in the format of OSCI (objective structured clinical exam), which is part of the SSQE (single state qualifying exam).

All students were tested with dignity at 12 stations, each of which simulated different clinical situations: intensive care unit, pediatric intensive care unit, small operating room, family doctors’ offices, pediatrician’s office, dermato-venereologist’s office, delivery room, admission department hospitals, laboratory of sanitary-epidemic station and others. More than 60 mannequins and simulators were involved in the examination. Family physicians’ offices are equipped with the most modern acoustic and diagnostic equipment for remote assessment.

The objectivity of the exam is ensured by an electronic grading system and anonymity, with the assignment to students for the period of the exam random individual identification numbers, which replace the names and surnames. The principle of the exam is transparency.

The highest number of points (1181 out of 1200) was received by the 6th year student of the 23rd group of the 3rd medical faculty Ozarchuk Kateryna Volodymyrivna.

From May 31, OSCI is held for 6th year students of the International Faculty (specialty “General Medicine”).

From June 7, OSCI will be held for 5th year students of the Faculty of Dentistry and the International Faculty (specialty “Dentistry”).