The department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and valeology is 90 years!

The department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and valeology (until 1997 – physical education, physical therapy and medical control) was organized on the basis of the decision of the Council of Professors of Odesa Medical Institute on September 3, 1932.

The first head of the department became the director of the Odesa branch of the All-Ukrainian Research Institute of Physical Culture, associate professor Yakiv Yosifovych Kaminskii, who was at the origins of the birth and development of therapeutic physical culture and medical control in the Odesa region.

In the pre-war years, after Y.Y. Kaminsky, the department was headed by senior teacher K.K. Trofimov, associate professor V.M. Bieder, associate professor M.V. Korablev. After the Great Patriotic War, instead of an independent department of physical education, a course with the same name was created at the department of military medical training, which until 1950 was headed by: colonel G.A. Dmitrievska, doctor of medicine, colonel of the medical service V.T. Stovbun, senior teacher, medical service major M.I. Goldberg. In 1950, the course was again transformed into an independent department, which until 1956 was headed by: Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor V.O. Feldstein, senior teacher I.D. Kapustin, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor H.P. Antoshechkin and Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor E.I. Ryabukha

Since 1956, for 31 years, the head of the department was Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor, Honored Trainer of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR Oleksandr Kostiantynovych Dyuzhev, from 1987 to 2008, the department was headed by the Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Valentyn Stepanovych Sokolovskyi, and from 2008 to the present, the department has been headed by Doctor of Medicine, prof. Olga Hennadiyivna Yushkovska.

From the first days of the department’s organization and work, much attention was paid to educational and methodological and scientific-methodical work, implementation of developed methods for organizing rational modes of motor activity of patients with various pathologies into health care practice.

Based on the results of the research work, the following dissertations were completed and defended by the department staff: Steblovtsev M.M. “Therapeutic exercise for myocardial infarction in hospital and polyclinic conditions” (1967); Dyuzhev O.K. “Rational modes of motor activity in thoracic surgery” (1969); Nuryk L.F. “Instrumental diagnostics as a method of pharmacological research of the cardiovascular system” (1972); Sankov V.P. “Basic criteria for prescribing rational modes of motor activity for persons with surgical diseases of the abdominal organs” (1972); Romanov M.S. “Therapeutic exercise for injuries and diseases of the maxillofacial area” (1973); Goryacha V. M. “Diagnosis of the functional state of the cardiovascular system in children in the active phase of rheumatism under the influence of physical therapy” (1975); Kobazev M.M. “Justification of the rational regimes of physical exercises of the naval fleet” (1978); Burned V.V. “Mental regulation and physical performance of athletes” (1985); Voytenko S.V. “Methodology, organization and effectiveness of the use of physical exercises in the process of labor activity of sailors on long voyages” (1987); V.S. Vladova “The effectiveness of the use of physical culture in adolescents with a hereditary predisposition to hypertension” (1990).

Since 1985, the department has been engaged in the development of scientific topics devoted to the study of human adaptation to strenuous muscle activity and the development of criteria for its assessment. The materials of these studies became the basis of the doctoral dissertation of V.S. Sokolovsky “Adaptation of the human body to strenuous muscle activity and development of assessment criteria” (1991). Within the scope of the scientific direction, candidate theses were completed at the department: Plakida O.L. “Aerobic and anaerobic abilities of students with different levels of training” (1990); I.I. Bondarev “Medical control of karate and bodybuilding classes with the use of intensive physical exertion” (1995); Sochinska T.V. “Changes in the body’s reactivity under conditions of long-term physical exertion of a cyclical nature” (1996); Yushkovska O.H. “Evaluation of adaptive shifts in the body of stayer runners in the dynamics of annual sports training” (2000); Romanchuk O.P. “Express assessment of adaptive shifts in athletes engaged in acyclic sports” (2000).

Since 2004, the topic of the department’s research program is “Study of sanogenetic mechanisms and differentiated selection of corrective and rehabilitation measures (including the use of psychophysical gymnastics, oriental health systems, therapeutic physical culture, means and forms of physical education) depending on the level of health, stress adaptation reserves, stage of the disease” (state registration number 0103 U 007946), within the framework of which the doctoral dissertation of Yushkovska O.H. “Sanogenetic concept of evaluating the effectiveness and prognosis of sanatorium-resort rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease” and the candidate’s dissertation of S.I. Lazareva “Therapeutic physical education in complex restorative treatment of children with cerebral palsy”.

Since 2009, the department carried out scientific research work “Research on methods of increasing efficiency, organization, control and management of the process of correcting the functional state and physical fitness of various contingents engaged in physical culture and sports, using innovative approaches based on the use of new modern technologies of physical education and medical physical culture” Within the scope of this topic, the candidate’s thesis of the senior lecturer of the department E.V. Dolgier was prepared and successfully defended on the topic “Physical rehabilitation of women of the juvenile period, patients with neurocirculatory dystonia, by means of recreational aerobics.” On May 24, 2017, the dissertation of assistant E.Yu Strashko was successfully defended. “The principle of complex influence of medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy methods on the spiral kinematic muscle chains of children with spastic forms of cerebral palsy”.

In the period 2019-2023 the department has been working on the National Research Development Program “Development of a program of adequate prevention of pre-pathological conditions and diseases by means of physical culture and methods of physical rehabilitation of a contingent of persons with different levels of physical activity.”

On April 27, 2021, the staff of the department defended 2 dissertations: Plakida Oleksandr Leonidovych’s doctoral dissertation “Strategy for the selection of non-medicinal methods of disease prevention and restorative treatment at the sanatorium stage of rehabilitation based on the peculiarities of the body’s adaptive reactions to physical exertion of various directions and intensities” (supervisor Dr. of Medical Sciences, Professor Yushkovska O.H.) and Olena Vyacheslavivna Filonenko’s PhD thesis “Differential approach to choosing a rehabilitation program for patients with ischemic heart disease, taking into account the composition of the body, at the sanatorium stage of rehabilitation using Nordic walking” (scientific supervisor d Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor O.H. Yushkovska).

In 1997, a postgraduate course was opened at the department, which was successfully completed with the defense of candidate theses by O.H. Yushkovska (2000), O.P. Romanchuk (2000), N.M. Cook (2002), Lazareva S.I. (2005).

In 1980, by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, an associate professor’s thematic improvement course “Remedial physical education and sports medicine” was created on the basis of the department at the faculty of improvement of doctors of OMI named after M.I Pirogov. During the course of the cycle, more than 600 doctors of physical therapy and sports medicine and more than 280 methods of physical therapy with higher pedagogical education from different regions of Ukraine were upgraded. Currently, the department conducts pre-certification cycles, specialization, cycles of thematic improvement and training of doctors in exercise therapy and sports medicine.

In 2005, the textbook “Medical Physical Culture” (authors B.C. Sokolovskyi, N.O. Romanova, O.H. Yushkovska) and a monograph by Associate Professor Borysyuk B.B. were published (MOH of Ukraine). “Real yoga therapy”. Sokolovsky B.C., Yushkovska O.H., Romanova N.O. took part in writing chapters of the book “Physical exercise in the complex of sanatorium-resort treatment”. Methodical recommendations were also issued with the seal of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Using a soft play (sensory-motor) room for therapeutic physical education of children with various forms of cerebral palsy” (Sokolovskyi B.C., Prus V.P., Prus S.V., Lishnevska V. .V., Lazareva SI.) and “Psychophysical gymnastics in complex sanatorium-resort rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease” (Sokolovskyi B.C., Yushkovska O.H., Fisenko L.I., Lichinaki O.O., Tyshchuk M.M. .).

In 2009, a monograph by O.H. Yushkovska, Doctor of Medicine, was published. “Physical rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease.” Olga Hennadiivna is also a co-author of the training manuals “Exercise in sanatorium-resort facilities”, “Modern mechanotherapy in sanatorium-resort practice”, “Medical rehabilitation”, scientific and practical reference book “Resorts and sanatoriums of Ukraine”.

The department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and valeology in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 532 of 23.08.11 “On Amendments to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” is designated as the reference department for physical education, health and valeology of medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for specialties: 7.12010001 “Treatment business”, 7.12010002 “Pediatrics”, 7.12010003 “Medical and preventive business”.

Inter-departmental online meetings of specialists of the same departments of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on physical education are held annually, at which new programs, corrections of tests and standards are approved, which are developed by employees of the main department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and valeology of the Odesa National Medical University.

In recent years, the staff of the department has issued a training manual (with the seal of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine) “Independent classes in physical education”; developed by (Yushkovska O.H., Bondarev I.I., Kuhar N.N., Plakyda A.L., Klokov V.A.) “Fundamentals of sports medicine” (methodological recommendations for students of the 4th year); (O.H. Yushkovskaya; V.Yu. Seredovskaya; O.A. Parkhomenko). developed programs “Physical education” and “Physical education and health” (optional course); Complex sanatorium-resort treatment of patients with coronary heart disease with the use of functional nutrition /Methodological recommendations //K.D. Babov, O.H. Yushkovska, O.L. Plakida, O.A. Usenko. – Odesa. – 2016. – 18 p.; Physical rehabilitation of women after radical treatment of breast cancer at the stages of early and subacute rehabilitation in sanatorium-resort institutions of Ukraine / Methodological recommendations (Yushkovska O.H., Semikopna T.V., Tkachenko O.I., Vladimirova N.I., Kuhar N.M., Bondar O.V., Havlovskyi O.D.). “Fundamentals of sports medicine” (methodological recommendations for students of the 4th year. 2018).

The department was the initiator of the organization and holding (September 25-26, 2002 in Odesa) of the 1st All-Ukrainian congress of specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy “Prospects for the development of sports medicine and physical therapy of the XXI century”. Materials of the congress were published, in which 16 works of the department’s employees were published.

Internship at the department is conducted in two specialties: “Sports medicine” and “Physical and rehabilitation medicine”. This year, a group of 9 interns was recruited for the specialty “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine”. The manager is the head of the department, Dr. Med. Sciences, Professor Yushkovska O. H.

The department constantly conducts professional development courses in the cycles “PAC”, “Specialization”, “Internship” in the specialty “Remedial physical education” and “Sports medicine”, “Physical and rehabilitation medicine”.

The new discipline “Physical and rehabilitation medicine” for the specialization of doctors, 2 trainings in for 15 trainees have already been held.

The department has a good material base at its disposal, which allows to properly carry out educational, methodical and scientific work. There is a lecture hall, 3 classrooms for practical classes, a massage and manual therapy room, 9 specialized rooms for physical education classes.

Since 1993, the department annually holds international scientific and practical conferences “Modern achievements of valeology, sports medicine and physical therapy” with the publication of summaries of conference materials. On October 6-7, 2022, the department will host the XXI Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “MODERN ACHIEVEMENTS OF SPORTS MEDICINE, PHYSICAL REHABILITATION, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND VALEOLOGY – 2022”, which is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and valeology.