Student assessment: encourage, not discourage

Today, on December 8, 2021, a webinar on “Student Assessment: Encourage, Not Discourage” will be held.

Organizer – British Council in Ukraine.

Assessment is a key element of a student’s success in higher education and should be seen as a tool for learning development. It is not just a tool for measuring success, but a basis for encouraging learning.

The event aims to inform its participants about interesting and effective approaches to assessing students’ knowledge, especially in the context of distance learning.

During the webinar, speakers will share their own experiences and tools for assessing students’ knowledge, which participants will be able to use in their own practice.

The speakers of the event together with its participants will try to find answers to the following key questions:

– the extent to which modern methods of assessing students’ knowledge motivate them to study and contribute to a deeper understanding of the topic;

– how to effectively assess learning achievements in a distance format;

– how to assess students’ knowledge so that it contributes to the deepening of knowledge.

Pre-registration is required to participate in the event.