Restructuring of ONMedU units: no one will be fired!

On June 1, 2020, a University Administration Meeting was held in an expanded format. All vice-rectors, representatives of the university clinic and the trade union committee of the university, heads of departments and other departments were invited.
The meeting was held in compliance with all sanitary requirements – those present in the hall were in protective medical masks and at a safe distance from each other.
The main issue was to dispel rumors spread in the media and social networks by opponents of the university about the disbandment of the University Clinic and the dismissal of its employees.
Acting Rector of ONMedU R.S. Vastianov reminded the audience once again that the university, according to the second stage of medical reform, is reorganizing all departments: “We will not lose a single employee of the medical, or teaching staff, or another department. Our economists, together with the Ministry of Health, have already created a staff list. I can assure you that we are provided with funding for 2020 and 2021. The two buildings where the University Clinic Centers are located will be renovated and the staff will be relocated. We want all the employees to be as comfortable as possible on the territory of our clinic. No one will be fired.
We are accused of high financial spendings. Yes, we need a lot of money for repairs, so we hold tenders, but it’s all transparent and open. We will have even more modern technical equipment of all departments of the University Clinic to optimize medical and educational processes. We hope that the heads of the departments present here will be able to convey to the employees the true state of affairs. I emphasize once again that everything that the paid opponents spread is not true. ONMedU works and develops, none of the employees will lose their jobs.