Opportunities for students, researchers and researchers

Dear students, teachers and scientists!

We offer you electronic resources with a wide range of opportunities to continue teaching and research activities on the basis of educational and research institutions in Sweden.

🌱Resource with courses and training programs for students in Sweden – https://bit.ly/39nNgks

🌱Resource with opportunities for Ukrainian scientists and researchers in Sweden – https://bit.ly/3tZwT4X

🌱Scholarships for Ukrainian researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden – https://bit.ly/3xTpEhh

🌱Grants for Ukrainian scientists from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Studies – https://bit.ly/3N1d4ko

🌱Scholarships for visiting researchers from Ukraine from the Wenner-Gren foundation in Sweden (information in Swedish) – https://bit.ly/3tCq3lw

🌱Mistra Support Program for Ukrainian Researchers in Sweden (contact [email protected]) – https://bit.ly/3OhPRve

🌱Support program for Ukrainian scientists and researchers from the University of Södertärn, Sweden (contact [email protected] ) – https://bit.ly/3aWcQgR

🌱Scholarships for Ukrainian doctoral students and researchers in the field of medical research from Region Östergötland, Sweden (contact [email protected] ) – https://bit.ly/3tBxMQC

🌱Scholarships for Ukrainian students and researchers engaged in medical research from The Swedish Society for Medical Research – https://bit.ly/3Oi6Ihy

🌱Opportunity for Ukrainian neuroscientist to join the scientific laboratory of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden – https://bit.ly/3zAJBdS