Happy holidays!

Winter holidays unite the whole world in anticipation of a miracle. Peoples of different countries, cultures, and religions place their hopes on a new stage, which is associated with the beginning of the calendar year.

For Ukraine, the past year 2022 was both a tragic and a historical milestone. We are all now in difficult conditions, the difficulties of which help to overcome the wisdom, strength, beauty of our culture and traditions of our ancestors.

We really want to reveal the richness of Ukrainian traditions to our students. The Department of Social Sciences (Head – Associate Professor Olga Sikorska) annually in December conducts an introduction to the flavor of Ukrainian calendar winter customs. Employees of the department – Olena Kyriazova, Liudmila Didur, Liliya Filyuk, Antonina Khanetska, Olena Uvarova organized events in which students of the  the medical, dentistry and international faculty took part.

Interesting conversations were devoted to youth holidays in honor of Saints Catherine and Andrew, which are commemorated on December 7 and 13, respectively. Folk omens and traditions of celebration and fortune-telling were discussed.

By the day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (December 19), students prepared presentations about the history of the origin and spread of the holiday, about legends, and traditions.

It is important to involve foreign students in getting to know Ukrainian culture, who, in turn, are always interested in the intricacies of local traditions. To students of the international faculty, teachers explained the origin and meaning of calendar rites, told about the history of religion in Ukrainian territory, offered to watch the video “Ukrainian Christmas Traditions”. Listening to “Schedryk”, which became a world-famous piece called “Carol of the Bells”, aroused special interest.

The Department of Social Sciences congratulates all employees and students of ONMedU on the New Year, wishes good health, inspiration and victories in everything that brings light!

On behalf of the staff of the Department of Social Sciences –
head of the department, associate professor Olha Sikorska,
assistant professor of the department Olena Uvarova