Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

Dear candidates and doctors of science, researchers and specialists!


As part of the development of international academic mobility and processes of internationalization of higher medical education, the office of the Fulbright Program and the Representative Office of the Institute of International Education in Ukraine invite you to join the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program.

The deadline for submitting documents is October 15, 2022.

Participation in the Program means conducting research at universities, scientific and research institutions in the USA for a period of three to nine months. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience, woven from dozens, hundreds of different developments and achievements, made available in the American scientific environment; experience based on live human-to-human communication and debatable exchange of ideas; an experience that encourages not only to make comparisons and initiate changes in one’s own institutions/fields of activity/related industries but also to become their active participants; an experience that enables going beyond the boundaries of the local intellectual space through multi-act communication and work on joint projects with scientists and institutions of the USA, as well as other countries of the world.

A little history (Information taken from the official page of the Fulbright Program in Ukraine):

Sponsored by the US government and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE), the Fulbright Program is a prominent place in the international education system. Founded on the idea of ​​interaction and mutual understanding and based on knowledge and respect for the diverse world, it has been successfully operating since 1946, now there are more than 160 countries in it. During the existence of the Program in Ukraine – since 1992 – more than 1,100 Ukrainians studied, did internships, and conducted research in the USA; more than 750 Americans taught in Ukrainian higher education institutions and engaged in scientific work.

In the post-war years, Arkansas Senator James William Fulbright (J. William Fulbright) introduced legislation to establish the international academic exchange program now named in his honor.

Senator Fulbright noted that international education transforms national values ​​into human values ​​- we become more tolerant and learn to appreciate what makes us different; we contribute to the humanization of international relations, we learn to recognize and respect other cultures that fill our world. And what matters more is that we realize the importance of cooperation for peace and goodness.

You can find all the details regarding registration, requirements for candidates and grant conditions at the following link: