“Do not try to be good doctors, strive to be the best”, – Valerii Zaporozhan congratulated 1084 ONMedU graduates

At a meeting of the Academic Council of Odessa National Medical University chaired by Rector Valerii Zaporozhan the academic year was summed up and 1084 graduates were awarded the qualification of specialists and masters.

“We can congratulate our graduates on receiving their diplomas. Many of you will continue your studies in residency and graduate school and later take our places. Ahead of you are the first patients, the first victories and, unfortunately, defeats to the disease. After all, we cannot save all people from diseases. However, we can save them from bad doctors. Always strive to be not just good professionals, try to be the best. me and all our team believe in you and are proud of your success,” Valerii Zaporozhan said.

In particular, on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on conducting final examinations and in accordance with the decision of the examination commission of ONMedU it was decided to assign the qualification of specialists and masters to 767 Ukrainian graduates in the specialty: medical business (555 graduates), pediatrics (62) ), pharmacy (23), health care (23). 317 foreign graduates also received the qualification of specialists and masters in the specialty: medical business (272), dentistry (43), pharmacist (2).

Addressing the graduates, Valerii Zaporozhan emphasized that a doctor is a profession that should last a lifetime. “Never stop learning, believe in yourself and give yourself completely to the work. Then you will definitely see what every doctor came to this profession for: saved lives, preserved health, gratitude in the eyes of your patients’ relatives, which cannot be expressed in words. This moment is worth every effort,” Valerii Zaporozhan said.

The rector also said that after graduation, all graduates forever remain a part of ONMedU family: “Odessa Medical University is our Alma Mater. In these walls you are always welcome, here you are always waited for, here you will always be proud of. I will be happy if among you there is a future rector of our university, vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments. With such a change, we will not be afraid to retire. ”

Valerii Zaporozhan congratulated the teachers on the end of the academic year and thanked for the work on quality training of future doctors: “Thank you for your work, responsibility and love for our common cause. I want to have a good rest and approach the new academic year with new strength and creative ideas.”