The admissions campaign has started at ONMedU

On July 14, the admissions board of ONMedU started working on the full cycle – the submission of documents to the university in the specialty “Medicine”, “Dentistry” and “Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy” began.
This year, the admissions office is located in a new place: at Olhiivska Street, 13. The premises, which were renovated, are equipped with new equipment and everything necessary for the comfortable submission of applications by entrants. As in the previous year, applications are submitted electronically, but if applicants have any questions, they can contact the admissions board. For those entrants who need help in submitting an electronic application or creating a personal e-cabinet, there is an entrant’s corner.
According to E.S. Buryachkivskii, Executive Secretary of ONMedU Admissions Board, there are almost no differences in the admissions campaign compared to last year, only for those who entered the shortened form of education (based on diplomas of junior specialists from a medical school or medical college). Previously, these entrants had to come in person, and from this year they can also use the electronic entry. This has greatly eased the workload of the admissions committee, especially on the first day. “As for the number of applications for all the specialties – this can be said only after the end of applications submission, but I note that the pace of the introductory campaign from day one is quite active,” – said E. Buryachkivsky.
We remind you that for all questions regarding admission to Odessa National Medical University, foreign entrants should call +380487317047 and e-mail: [email protected].

And Ukrainian entrants should call  (048) 723-35-67 and e-mail: [email protected]