A Great Holiday!

Among the calendar holidays in the Ukrainian traditional culture, the central place is occupied by Easter – the holiday of resurrection!

Easter rites combined pieces of the culture of previous generations of people who inhabited the territory of Ukraine for centuries and carried the idea of ​​spiritual and physical revival, singing joy, sun, warmth, and love.

Teachers of the Department of Social Sciences conducted a series of online events to get acquainted with the Ukrainian traditional culture of first-year students of the International Faculty (1st and 9th groups of the speciality “Medicine”).

Reports on the history of the holiday, and the rules of its preparation were organized, a lecture on the semantic meanings of the rites was held, and poetic lines were recited. Students got acquainted with the presentation on “Easter in Ukraine” and watched a video about making Easter eggs.

The master class on Easter painting and stories about family traditions of teachers and residents of the 19th century became especially fascinating.

The events were lively and interesting.

The staff of the Department of Social Sciences wishes all employees and students of the University good, prosperity and peace!