International training and implementation of digital laparoscopy at ONMedU

The employees of ONMedU – Professor of the Department of Surgery # 3 Malinovskii A.V., Associate Professor of the Department of Gynecology Kozhakov V.L. and assistant of the Department of General and Military Surgery Kvasnevsky E.A. trained to work on the Senhance digital laparoscopy system.

This robotic system allows to perform complex laparoscopic interventions, as well as to train students, interns and trainees on a virtual simulator, which is equipped with the device.

The training program included three stages:

  • acquaintance with the system (together with operating nurses) with the performance of various manipulations on the simulator at the Senhance training center in Milan (29-30.11);
  • cadaver-course on independent performance of operations in the training center in Amsterdam (03.12);
  • performing operations under the supervision of certified proctors from Kaunas University Clinic and the Amsterdam Training Center at its base – the Center for Reconstructive and Reconstructive Surgery of the University Clinic, where the Senhance digital laparoscopy system is installed.

At the last stage (13-17.12) our staff, with the involvement of the head of the Department of Gynecology Prof. Gladchuk I.Z. and the head of the Department of General and Military Surgery prof. Kashtelian M.A. 4 gynecological and 3 general surgical operations were performed. All of them were successful. Similar training is planned for other employees of the University Clinic and our university for the wide and diverse implementation of new technology in a single educational, therapeutic and scientific process.