Erasmus KA107 programs

Dear teachers and students!

In this dramatic time for all of us, we are especially aware of the need to do everything possible to revive all spheres of life after our quick and final victory. We clearly understand that the entire teaching staff and students of the medical academic community of Ukraine must remain at the forefront of the builders of new life. It is our priority to train highly qualified healthcare professionals who meet the highest European standards.

And we are sincerely grateful to the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) for the international coordination support for participation in Erasmus KA107 programs under the cooperation agreement between our universities.

You can apply for participation in the international mobility program under Erasmus KA107, short-term training at the following link:

This is not an E + grant, and students must submit an online application to the National Agency of Lithuania: fill in the online application form and attach the required documents. In order to apply, you will need a conditional acceptance and a preliminary Learning Agreement (confirmed by the LSMU academic coordinators).

The deadline for applications is April 29.

Any funds that have been opened (or will be opened) exclusively for Ukrainian students can be found at: