Experience Hands-on Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy
Simbionix and VirtaMed have joined forces to provide surgeons in OB/GYN the most advanced training system available for diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy.
The VirtaMedHystSim™ hysteroscopy training system is a comprehensive educational solution. Quality didactic tutorials are used to introduce and explain “best practice” in core procedural techniques. This is followed by a high fidelity simulation providing a realistic hands-on experience that includes mastering instruments and managing complications. Multiple, complete hysteroscopy procedures are available to provide a range and depth of relevant pre-clinical experiences. Meaningful and useful objective feedback facilitates and completes the learning process to provide consistent, efficient and cost-effective results that are difficult to achieve using traditional teaching methodologies.

  • Highlyrealistichysteroscopytraining
  • Courses for beginners and experienced endoscopists
  • Original devices: hysteroscope, loop electrode, grasper, scissors, morcellator

After completing the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy training on VirtaMedHystSim™, residents know how to take a proper biopsy, how to remove polyps with scissors or a grasper, and how to handle challenging cases, including, but not limited to, a fundal septum, multiple and intramural fibroids, and intensive bleeding