Ultrasound Thoracentesis Model

The Thoracentesis Model’s simulated lung can be seen as an echogenic structure with an inflation mechanism to adjust the size of the pleural effusion. The open top allows the instructor to provide feedback on procedural concepts by allowing students to visualize the catheter depth and placement when inserted into the pleural cavity. A positive fluid flow then offers users feedback when pleural effusions are accurately accessed. The trainer is designed to be filled with fluid and is self-sealing for multiple procedures


  • Removal of fluid or air from pleural cavity
  • Understandingofpleuraleffusions


  • Anatomicallycorrectwithproperlandmarks
  • Model base designed for multiple uses with replaceable tissue
  • Selfsealingformultipleprocedures
  • Only trainer available that responds to the Safe-T-Centesis™ Catheter Drainage Kit