The New NOELLE – The world’s most advanced birthing simulator
NOELLE is perfect for competency based programs since each delivery can be precisely controlled while devices track student actions. The fetus may be manipulated to resolve a delivery dilemma. See instant feedback of force and torque on the fetus as well as its head position
· Realistic birth canal with dilating cervix
· Precision programmable fetal delivery system for repeatable teaching exercises including Normal Labor and Birth
Instrumented Delivery
Shoulder Dystocia
Breech Presentation
· Maternal Airway
Program tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing
Nasal or oral intubation
Sensors detect depth of intubation
Head tilt/ chin lift
Jaw thrust
Practice simulated suctioning techniques
Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation
Conventional airway adjuncts
Endotracheal intubation using conventional ETTs
Sellick maneuver brings vocal cords into view
· Maternal Breathing
Automatic chest rise is synchronized with respiratory patterns
Independent left or right lung sounds synchronized with breathing
Ventilation may be assisted using BVM, ETT, or LMA
· Maternal Cardiac
ECGs are generated in real time with physiologic variations never repeating textbook patterns
Heart sounds may be auscultated and are synchronized with ECG
Optional automatic mode allows to show virtual dynamic ECG rhythms for each of the 12 leads
· Maternal Circulation
Measure blood pressure by palpation or auscultation
Use real BP cuff rather than a “virtual” cuff to measure blood pressure
Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
Oxygen saturation detected using real monitors rather than a “virtual” value
Pulse sites synchronized with BP and heart rate
Bilateral IV arms with fill/drain sites
·Maternal Neural Responses
Programmable blinking, dilation and eye response to light
Programmable duration and intensity of convulsions
Maternal Speech