LAP Mentor™

The Simbionix LAP Mentor is the only evidence based simulator for advanced laparoscopic skills and complete clinical procedures

The Gold Standard of Laparoscopic Training Solutions
Complete Clinical Procedures
Complex clinical scenarios with real time complications, such as bleeding and injuries to important organs, offer the user an opportunity to train in a risk-free educational environment.
Procedural Tasks
Each task focuses on one critical stage of the procedure to allow the trainee to master the essential skills of the Laparoscopic procedures.
Interactively-guided, procedural techniques enable learners to experience different approaches to the procedure and appropriate use of surgical instruments.
True-To-Life Training Environment
Created by the combination of a lifelike tactile experience, detailed anatomy, realistic imaging, commonly used surgical instruments, real time synchronization between hand-held tools to those on the screen and various trocar
Educational Content
Didactic features and educational aids such as 3D anatomical maps, interactive instructions and real life videos, help trainees to fully understand all aspects of the procedure.
Comprehensive Performance Evaluation
Detailed reports provide feedback to the learner and the educator in order to assess skill level and training success.
The reports include learning curve graphs with metrics categories such as: time and economy of movements, safety and electrosurgical dissection, procedural errors, and many more.
The Only Laparoscopic Simulator Proven to Improve Performance in the OR
The LAP Mentor’s proprietary technology enables high fidelity procedure simulation that is backed by over 60 clinical validations. Learners are able to experience a wide range of complex laparoscopic tasks and procedures in a safe environment