Jean Monnet Direction within Erasmus +

Ukraine has been participating in Jean Monnet program since 2001. In 2014, Jean Monnet program was transformed into Jean Monnet new EU Erasmus + program and the first project competition was held.

The goal of the direction is to intensify the Eurointegration discourse, promote perfection of European integration studies, attract higher educational institutions to study European integration processes and spread the ideas of United Europe.

The main activities in the direction are:

  • Teaching and research (“Departments”, “Modules”, “Centers of advanced training”);
  • Debates between representatives of scientific and pedagogical circles and academic exchanges (“Networks” and “Projects”);
  • Support for associations;
  • Granting operating grants to individual institutions.

Direction of activity: teaching and research

Support is provided for:

Modules – development and teaching of courses devoted to the EU and Eurointegration subjects not less than 40 hours, with further inclusion in curriculums and programs;

Departments – teaching rates (at least 90 academic hours) for teachers, researchers specializing in European studies, developing new and updating existing courses in the European integration, scientific investigations, and directing research projects on European integration subjects;

Centers of advanced training- establishment and support of university-based resource centers, involving analytical centers, associations, networks, professional communities, to encourage them to conduct multidisciplinary research on the European integration and distribute their results through media resources and communicative – information events.

Activity: Debate and exchanges

Support is provided for:

Networks – promoting cooperation between international research teams (involving at least 3 different countries), stimulating academic polemics and interdisciplinary research, distribution of results.

Projects – activation of Eurointegration discourse through conferences, seminars, round tables, summer schools, development of new approaches and research methodologies, creation of platforms for the exchange of knowledge for sharing best practices and experiences; creating new content.

Direction of activity: support of associations

Support is provided for:

Associations: in order to organize and carry out their statutory activities, if it is connected with Euro-integration studies, distribution of information about the European Union, promotion of active citizenship.

Jean Monet contests will be held once a year in autumn.