BOSS (Basic Open Surgical Skills)
Basic Open Surgical Skills (BOSS) is a flexible platform for basic surgical skill development. It provides an easy to use platform for synthetic or cadaveric task modules and its ergonomic design creates a realistic tool for improving skills

BOSS includes:

  • Tubing for knot tying under tension
  • Hookforknottying
  • Cylindrical cup for knot tying and suturing at depth
  • Tissuetensioningdevice
  • Open site with fixation system
The student tissue pack includes a variety of tissue models on which to practice basic surgical skills. The tissue pack includes:

  • Subcuticularsuturing model
  • Complextissuemodel
  • Simulatedlargeintestine
  • Tissuesuturepad
  • Injectabletissuepad


  • Basicandadvancedsuturingskills
  • Suturingon a skinsurface
  • Subcuticularsuturing
  • Deepwoundclosure
  • Administeringinjections
  • Bowelanastomosis