Anatomage Table Virtual Dissection
The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education. It is a combination of unique hardware and software for the educational community. The form factor resembles an operating table or hospital bed and the real patient contents perfectly illustrate the anatomical realism of a living human. The Anatomage Table has an optional digital library module that includes over one hundred twenty pathological examples, allowing students to not only dissect normal gross anatomy, but also experience abnormal pathologies. Table includes also:
· An All-in-One, Touch-Interactive Display System
· True Human Anatomy in a Life-Size Scale
· ClassroomandLabIntegration
· Clean, Safe, ReusableTechnology
· RadiologicalImagingWorkstation
· Unique, RarePathologyExamples
· MedicalandSurgicalDeviceDemonstration
· ComparativeAnalysis – Multi-ScanViewing

Dynamic, 4D Scans