The list of elective disciplines under the educational-professional program “Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry” of preparation of the second (master’s) level of higher education on a specialty 226 “Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry” (S – Syllabus)
Selective components Semester
Disciplines of the sample unit 1
(S) Ukrainian language (for professional purposes) І
(S) Folk psychology І
(S) Philosophy І
(S) Fundamentals of social psychology І
(S) European standard for computer literacy ІІ
(S) Pharmaceutical informatics and statistics ІІ
(S) Working with information sources І
(S) Logic І
(S) Fundamentals of systems analysis І
(S) Bioactivity of inorganic compounds І
(S) Foreign Language І, ІІ
(S) English pharmaceutical terminology І, ІІ
(SHealth&safety),   (S B&B) Health and Safety; Fundamentals of bioethics and biosafety. І, ІІ
(S) Fundamentals of biosafety І, ІІ
(S) Psychology of communication ІІІ
(S) Fundamentals of consumer behavior in pharmacy ІІІ
(S) Theoretical foundations of dosage form technology IV
(S) Modern analytical laboratory practice IV
(S) First aid with introductory medical practice ІІІ
(S) Emergency care in pharmaceutical institutions ІІІ
(S) Physical Education І, ІІ, IV
(S) Valeology І, ІІ, IV
(S) Hygiene in pharmacy ІІІ
(S) Principles of Ecology ІІІ
(S) Patent science V
(S) Intellectual property in pharmacy V
(S) Extreme medicine V, VI
(S) Computer simulation in pharmacy V
(S) Computer technology in drug research V
(S) Physico-chemical analysis of drug development V
(S) Theoretical foundations of synthesis V
(S) Pharmaceutical aspects of drug addiction and drug addiction VI
(S) The mechanism of pharmacological activity and toxicity of drugs VI
(S) Fundamentals of economics VI
(S) Organization and regulation of pharmaceutical companies activity VI
(S) Homeopathic remedies VI
(S) Technology of biologicals VI
(S) Toxicology and forensic chemistry VIII
(S) Forensic Medicine VIII
(S) International marketing in pharmacy VIII
(S) Marketing research in pharmacy VIII
(S) Development of medicines VII
(S) Production and use of cosmetics VII
(S) Laboratory diagnostics VII
(S) Biochemistry of essential nutrients VII
(S) Nutrition and bromatology VIII
(S) Pharmaceutical aspects of food products VIII
(S) Practical training in pharmacognosy VII
(S) Medicinal plants and phytotherapy VII