Selective components DENTISTRY

The list of elective disciplines under the educational-professional program “Stomatology” of preparation of the second (master’s) level of higher education on a specialty 221 “Stomatology” (S – Syllabus)
Selective components Semester
Disciplines of the sample unit 1
(S) Philosophy ІІ
(S) Sociology and medical sociology ІІ
(S) Psychology of communication ІІ
(S) Theory and practice of professional language communication in dentistry ІІ
(S) Modern problems of molecular biology ІІ
(S) Modern problems of biophysics ІІ
(S) Fundamentals of bioethics and biosafety ІІ
(S) Valeology ІІ
(S) English dental terminology ІІ
(S) Foreign language for professional purposes ІІ
(S) World problems of prevention and prevention of major dental diseases ІІ
(S) Clinical physiology ІІ
(S) Clinical biochemistry ІІ
(S) Fundamentals of clinical and laboratory diagnosis of dental diseases ІІ
(S) Conflictology ІІІ
(S) Medical terminology ІІІ
(S) Deontology in medicine ІІІ
(S) Ethical issues in medicine ІІІ
(S) European standard for computer literacy IV
(S) Information technology in dentistry IV
(S) Science of law IV
(S) Forensic medicine (dentistry) IV
(S) Fundamentals of sports medicine IV
(S) Physical Education IV
(S) History of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture VI
(S) World civilizations VI
Disciplines of the sample unit 2
(S) Current issues of clinical immunology and allergology ІІ
(S) Clinical immunology and allergology in dentistry ІІ
(S) Side effects of drugs ІІІ
(S) Pharmacology of drugs in dental diseases ІІІ
(S) Fundamentals of gerontology and geriatrics ІІI
(S) Dental manifestations of diseases of internal organs in the elderly ІІI
(S) Basic technologies for making dentures IV
(S) Modern technologies of solid prosthetics IV
(S) Features of professional children’s oral hygiene V
(S) Dentists occupational diseases V
(S) Management in dentistry V
(S) Marketing in dentistry V
(S) Functional diagnosis in dental diseases with the basics of muscle testing and electromyography V
(S) Functional adaptation of the dental system in orthopedic treatment V
(S) Biopsy diagnosis of oncological processes of the oral cavity VI
(S) Cellular technologies in dentistry VI
(S) Dental manifestations of endocrine diseases VI
(S) Modern diagnostics of diseases of the TMJ and salivary glands VI
(S) CAD CAM in dental implantology VI
(S) Social aspects in the prevention and prediction of complications of dental implantation. VI
(S) Modern technologies for the use of fixed orthodontic appliances VI
(S) Mini-implants and bone anchorage in modern orthodontics VI
(S) Endodontic technique in pediatric dentistry VI
(S) A multidisciplinary approach in the rehabilitation of children with congenital pathology of the thyroid gland VI
(S) Early orthodontic treatment VII
(S) Gnathological orthodontics VII
(S) Clinical anatomy and operative surgery of the maxillofacial area IX
(S) Topical issues of minimally invasive surgical technologies in the treatment of dental diseases IX
(S) Fundamentals of aesthetic dentistry IX
(S) The use of aesthetic approaches in the planning of orthopedic interventions IX