The list of required disciplines under the educational-professional program “Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry” of preparation of the second (master’s) level of higher education on a specialty 226 “Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry” 
(S – Syllabus)
Required disciplines Semester
Course of general training disciplines
(S) History of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture I
(S) Information technologies in pharmacy ІІІ, IV
(S) Foreign language (for professional purposes) ІІІ
(S) Higher mathematics and statistics І
(S) Biological physics with physical methods of analysis ІІ
(S) Biology with the basics of genetics ІІ
(S) Human anatomy and physiology ІІ
(S) Latin І, ІІ
(S) Microbiology with the basics of immunology ІІІ, IV
(S) Pathological physiology ІІІ
(S) Organic chemistry ІІІ, IV
(S) General and inorganic chemistry І, ІІ
(S) Analytical chemistry ІІІ, IV
(S) Pharmaceutical botany ІІІ
(S) Biological chemistry V, VI
Course of professional training disciplines
(S) Introduction to pharmacy І
(S) Ethics and deontology in pharmacy ІІ
(S) Drug technology V-VIIІ
(S) Pharmacognosy V, VІ
(S) Pharmacotherapy with pharmacokinetics VІІ
(S) Pharmacology V, VІ
(S) Pharmaceutical chemistry V-ІХ
(S) Physical and colloid chemistry ІV
(S) Pharmacoeconomics VІІ
(S) Resource science of medicinal plants ІХ
(S) Organization and economics of pharmacy VІІ, VІІІ
(S) Clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care VІІІ, ІХ
(S) Pharmaceutical and medical commodity science VІІ
(S) Pharmaceutical management and marketing VІІІ, ІХ
(S) Medical toxicology VІІ
(S) Biopharmacy Х
(S) Quality systems in pharmacy Х
(S) Standardization of medicines ІХ
(S) Technology of medicinal cosmetics ІХ
(S) Pharmaceutical biotechnology Х
(S) Social pharmacy ІХ
(S) Labor and health protection in the industry VІІІ
(S) Pharmaceutical law and legislation V
(S) Educational practice in pharmaceutical botany ІV
(S) Practical training in pharmaceutical technology of drugs VII
(S) Practical training in pharmacognosy Х
(S) Practical training in clinical pharmacy Х
(S) Practical training in pharmaceutical chemistry Х
(S) Practical training in the organization and economics of pharmacy Х
(S) Practical training in pharmaceutical management and marketing Х
(S) Practical training in industrial technology of medicines Х
(S) Master’s thesis Х