Required components MEDICINE

The list of required disciplines under the educational-professional program “Medicine” of preparation of the second (master’s) level of higher education on a specialty 222 “Medicine” (S – Syllabus)
Required disciplines Semester
Course of general training disciplines
(S) Human anatomy I, II, III
(S) Biological and bioorganic chemistry II, III, IV
(S) Histology, cytology and embryology II, III
(S) Foreign Language I, II
(S) Latin I, II
(S) Medical biology I, II
(S) Medical chemistry I
(S) Microbiology, virology and immunology IV, V
(S) Ukrainian language (for professional purposes) I
(S) Physiology III, IV
Course of professional training disciplines
(S) Obstetrics and gynecology VII, IX, XII
(S) Anesthesiology and intensive care X
(S) Internal medicine VIII, X, XI
(S) Hygiene IV, V, XII
(S) Children’s infectious diseases XI
(S) Emergency and urgent medical care IX
(S) General surgery V, VI
(S) Infectious diseases X,
(S) Clinical pharmacology IX
(S) Neurology VIII
(S) Oncology IX
(S) Otorhinolaryngology VII
(S) Ophthalmology VIII
(S) Pathomorphology V, VI
(S) Pathophysiology V, VI
(S) Pediatrics, including emergencies in pediatrics VIІ, X, XII
(S) Propaedeutics of internal medicine V, VI
(S) Propaedeutics of pediatrics V, VI
(S) Psychiatry, narcology VIII
(S) Radiology V, VI
(S) Simulation medicine XI
(S) Social medicine. Public health VI, VIII
(S) Traumatology and orthopedics IX
(S) Urology VIII
(S) Pharmacology V, VI
(S ) Tuberculosis X
(S) Surgery VII, IX, XI
(S) Radiation medicine IX
(S) Pediatric surgery X
(S) Patient care (practice) III, IV
(SPediatr.) Nursing practice VI
(S) Proped. Of int. dis.
(S) Surg.
(SSurg.) Practical medical training VII
(S) obst.&gyn.
(SSurg.) Practical outpatient medical training IX
(S) obst.&gyn.