Administration of the University and Heads of Departments

Bazhora Yuryi Ivanovich Vice-rector for research and educational work, Distinguished figure in science and engineering, doctor of medical sciences, professor
Ulyanov Vadym Oleksiyovich Vice-rector for research and academic work, doctor of medical sciences, professor
Talalayev Kostyantyn Oleksiyovich Vice-rector for liberal arts education and personal development, PhD in medical sciences
Marichereda Valeria Genadiivna Vice-rector for research and academic (international) work, doctor of medical sciences, professor
Pasternak Igor Mykolayovich Vice-rector for administration and financial work
Vastyanov Ruslan Sergiyovich Academic Secretary of the University, professor
Rogachevsky Oleksandr Petrovich Rector’s assistant on introduction of innovations
Borsch Victoriya Igorivna Rector’s assistant on strategic development
Kotyuzhynska Svitlana Georgiivna Dean of Medical Faculty №1, PhD, professor
Godovan Vladlena Volodymyrivna Dean of the Medical Faculty №2, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor
Nenova Oksana Mykolaivna Dean of Medical Faculty №3, PhD, associate professor
Walda Volodymyr Volodymyrovich Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, PhD, associate professor
Anisimov Volodymyr Yuriyovich Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty, PhD in biology, associate professor
Goryachev Pavlo Iliodorovich Dean of the International Faculty, PhD, associate professor
Lisiy Igor Stanislavovich Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, PhD, associate professor
Cherniavska Anna Vasylivna Head of the educational department
Chernetska Elena Vasylivna Head of the educational-methods office
Romanova Nina Oleksandrivna Head of the scientific department, associate professor
Didichenko Lyudmila Volodymyrivna Head of postgraduate studies
Kotova Irina Oleksandrivna Head of internship, associate professor
Lun'ko Sergiy Georgiyovich Head of the Center for Information Analysis and Internal Quality Control
Tihonova Susanna Adolfivna Director of the university clinic, doctor of medical sciences, professor
Grinevich Alla Ivanivna Head of the department of the organization of medical work
Divina Alla Albertivna Head of the Legal Service
Frantseva Tetyana Petrivna Chief Accountant
Kadebska Natalia Zinoviyvna Head of the Economy Department
Lutskov Sergiy Grigoriyovich Chief Engineer
Rachok Nadia Maximivna Head of the Personnel Department
Kotov Eduard Pavlovich Head of Department 2
Garina Nataliya Victorivna Director of the library
Popov Viktor Mikhailovich Director of publishing and printing complex
Didenko Tamara Ivanivna Head of the General Office
Sukhin Yuri Vitaliyovich Chairman of the Association of employees of the university, professor
Shakhov Vitaliy Volodymyrovich Head of Automation Systems Maintenance Department (Computing Center)
Pochtoviy Oleksandr Grigorovich Head of the Department of Labor Protection, Civil Protection, Fire Safety and Control over the Working Conditions
Reznyk Zinaida Pavlivna Head of the Economic Department
Levitska Tamara Mardariyivna Head of the Museum of History of the University
Bychkova Snezhana Oleksandrivna Head of the Center for students' creativity